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Video Content & Playback @ Boom Town Fair 2022

We worked along side Boom Town Fair to provide real time video content and live camera FX over their performers.

Zenith Stage consisted of large LED wall pillars laid in to the set with a blue diffusion surface added over the top of the LED. This meant the set looked great during the day when the LED effects are less effective and then helped to create an interesting light box effect in the evening.

Either side of the main set structure were 12 glass fronted containers with a super low res LED video product laid in to the glass. Within the containers, Boom Town's theatrical performers added life to the structures. A live camera feed of the performers was fed through a Notch FX engine and displayed on the glass LED, tying the performance and technology sides of the production together.

Content for the stage was produced in real time from our Touch Designer server, running two Notch blocks. One block for the Camera FXs, the other for the LED pillars. We used the Slice Master plug-in to create textures in real time to drive effects within Notch and then outputted both the camera FX block and the LED Pillar block to be composited within Resolume where we could take advantage of Resolume's VJ features.

Video Panels - Video Illusions

LED Containers - Versatile Venues

Performers - Happy Slap Boutique

Lasers - Reach Lasers

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