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Zenith - Boom Town 2023

This was our second year providing screen content for the epic Zenith stage at Boom Town Fair.

Building on the success of 2022 we developed on the patches we created to completely up the game in 2023. Integrating the live performance element with Notch Camera FX, integrating the lighting by driving video content through the lights and producing a custom Touch Designer patch to create bespoke visuals busked and created in realtime.

Titan & Touch Designer

We created a custom Touch Designer patch that draws rectangles based on the location of each individual panel. The Size, colour, height and intensity of the rectangles was controlled via DMX coming from an Avolites Titan console, allowing

us to busk and jam the show, reacting to the music as it happened.


The Rectangles from Touch Designer were fed in to to Notch where we added FX to create an insane amount of different looks.

A second Notch block was used to add FXs to a live camera used by the performers to have crazy digital avatars of themselves displayed on the large, low resolution side screens.


Resolume pulls everything together and allows us to add strobe effects & masks.

Lighting Integration

The lighting peeps were keen to integrate their equipment with video so we used another Touch patch to push RGB lighting values from the rectangle to each lighting fixture on top of the LED pillars so lighting and video were more tightly aligned.

The Mega Metropolis Crystals

As if all this wasn't enough, Boom Town asked us to be involved in creating content for their 10 huge crystal shaped structures that sat as a beacon for the whole district. Consisting of 30, 000 LEDs in total, this was a huge structure. Boom Town wanted content that reflected the idea that the crystals were busting from the earth & that energy was pulsating from them.

We provided content on the crystals for a number of nights over the course of the festival.

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