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Led Panels & Content supplied to Glastonbury Truth Stage

We worked with the good people of Shangri-La to provide layout desings, LED wall and content for the Truth Stage at Glastonbury 2022.

Four pillars of LED on stage provided coverage behind the bands. There were two totem structures with LED wrap arounds in the arena to create a more immesive show. Above the stage we added a 12m wide banner section, allowing us to add animated band /DJ logos.

Content was produced in realtime using a combination of Notch VFX & Resolume. We chose a new way of driving the Notch content and used Slice Master to take colour and intensity infomation from the lighting desk, alowing us to create complex looks that seamlessly matched the lighting colour palette and style. Working in this way allows us to create things like particle simulations that spawn at the start of songs and match colours the LD chooses, reducing the need to rely on communicating choices for the whole show, or waiting to see what the LD will choose. The LD can also create dim chases that incorporate parts of the LED wall or take out the intensity of the LED wall all together to create more dramatic lighting looks. Apps like Slice Master have helped to make this kind of complicated integration simple and make it fit seemlessly within the lighting operators workflow.

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